Make your event memorable with a speaker that inspires, entertains and transform audiences

Greg Smith is a master storyteller who charms audiences with his broad smile and baritone voice. He is passionate about leadership and personal development and everyone in the room gets caught up in his infectious energy. If you want your attendees to remember your event long after it’s over, Greg Smith is the man you want on stage.

Greg is happy to customize stories for your company/association event on the following topics:

  • The hallmarks of true leadership
  • Building winning teams
  • How to overcome adversity in business
  • Finding the unique strengths in your staff to maximize their productivity
  • How to create a self-perpetuating positive business culture

Greg’s background and experience

Greg has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Tony Robbins, Bill Thomason and Jonathan Altfeld and has developed public speaking expertise working alongside John Maxwell, Bo Eason, Roger Love, Jonathan Altfeld and Mary Kincaid.

For more information, contact us at Greg Smith Leadership or call 330-559-9123 or 234-208-7882.

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