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Are you wandering Wonderland?

Where are you headed? Greg tells us about planning through inductive reasoning.  

Let’s get grittier

Greg has talked about how he values grit over smarts… and he’s not alone. Check out this interesting TEDx talk.

Embracing Change

Change is inevitable. It can also be just what your business needs to get to the next level. How do you manage change? click below to find out.

Smarts VS Grit

I really don’t care how smart you are, It’s really about how persistent you are!

Hunger in Paradise

How do you guard against complacency and the damage it can do to your business?         Answer: create “hunger in paradise.”

Knowing Where to Tap

My father’s uncanny sense of intuition and the lesson it taught me There is a great story about the giant ship with the broken engine. The ship’s owner brought in several repairmen, but no one could get the engine working. Eventually, an old man with years of experience in engine repair was brought in. He… Read more »

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Do it right and you’ll put powerful business-building relationships to work for you When you strip away all the extraneous things in life (you know, “wants” versus “needs”), there are precious few vital items we must have. Food, air and water are no-brainers. Perhaps less obvious – but no less important – are relationships. Like… Read more »