Personal Development: untangling the complicated intersection of passion, personality and potential

“To know is to grow.” It’s a simple motto that expresses a powerful truth: you need to truly know yourself – your values, your passions, your aptitude and more – for you to grow into the person you wish to be.

Much like a doctor orders tests to determine the needs of his patient, Greg uses the industry-leading assessment Pro-D to learn about our clients before he begins. Pro-D is an innovative tool that measures the convergence of an individual’s mission, competency and style. The results are detailed and incredibly useful for hiring the right people or for utilizing a staff to its maximum potential.

As one of only ten coaches certified nationally by TAI, the company behind Pro-D, Greg has the rare ability to both explain the assessment’s complex findings and recommend actions based on those findings. In other words, Greg’s coaching plans are tailored to each individual based on the best, tested and proven assessment tool available. Expect to learn something about yourself you didn’t know … and to know is to grow.

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